Month: January 2016

Skincare Sunday: Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Hello lovelies!

Sunday Riley Luna Oil has featured on nearly every beauty blog I read over the past few months, so I thought I should throw my 2p into the mix and share my thoughts with you all.

I received this beauty gem as a very generous Christmas gift, thanks to my lovely Mum and Dad. My Dad doesn’t and won’t know the actual price (a hefty £85), as it would give him some form of panic attack.


This is a luxurious oil based retinol product that promises to improve the appearance of damaged skin, reduce pore size and redness and fight ageing. The ingredient list is jam packed with organic oils and all sorts of fancy things that I won’t even pretend to understand. One of the key ingredients however, is blue tansy oil (which gives the oil its blue colour) and is mainly responsible for the anti-redness properties and what really tempted me to purchase.

Retinol products can often be quite harsh for some skin types but Luna oil uses a next-generation type retinol that is much more gentle and in turn suitable for almost everyone. I would however remind you to be sure to use SPF as retinol increases the skin’s sensitivity to sun. The oil is pretty nourishing due to its natural products, but I still follow it up with a moisturiser during these cold Winter months.

I have been using this oil pretty solidly since Christmas. I apply 3-4 drops onto my skin at night after cleansing and toning. The blue colour is a little strange at first, but fades away after a minute on the skin. The scent is pleasant (much better than Good Genes) but not my favourite.


The box said that you may experience some slight peeling as your skin gets used to the oil but, thankfully I haven’t experienced any irritation or break outs on the back of using this oil. I can say I have noticed a marked difference in my skin since introducing this to my nighttime routine. My skin looks brighter and more even in tone and feels very smooth.

I have barely made a dent in the bottle, despite using it at least 4 nights per week, so I think I’ll comfortably get around 7 months out of this bottle. I will most probably repurchase once I’m out of product as I’m so pleased with the results it’s given me. It has also wet my appetite to try more Sunday Riley facial oils.

What are your favourite Sunday Riley products?

Thanks for reading.

Lynsey xox

Workwear Wish List

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been having a bit of a meh feeling when it comes to my workwear wardrobe recently. I feel like I’ve been wearing the same outfits for months and I think a bit of a jazzing up wouldn’t go a miss. Here’s what I’ve got my eye on at the minute.


Karen Millen Stripe Knit Dress – I love the look of this dress for work. It has stretch knit fabric which makes me think it would be super comfortable. I would wear this with tights and black shoe boots for the remainder of Winter.

Whistles Kerry Bandage Jersey Dress – everybody loves a LBD (me more than most) and I’m really drawn to the simplicity of this dress. I love the silver zip detailing on the back and the wrap style looks like it would be super flattering on my more curvy frame.

Mango Flowy Blouse – I seen this little gem in the Mango sale for £14.99 that I thought would look good worn under this contrast trim dress.

Linea Soft Tailored shift dress – this shift dress in the HoF sale has really caught my eye. I love the neutral colour and think it would look beautiful with simple black pumps.

What kind of things would you pick up for an office capsule wardrobe?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox


Skincare Sunday: Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Sheet Mask

Hello lovelies!!

There are two things that have been taking the skincare world by storm, Korean skincare and sheet masks. So when I came across a product that incorporates both in Sephora before Christmas, I snapped it up without a second thought.

I am really becoming a sheet mask convert. They’re quick, easy, relatively mess free and usually pack a real punch with their impressive formulas. The first one to impress me has been the Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment cotton sheet mask.


This ultra hydrating hypoallergenic mask claims to be good for redness, fine lines and dryness. It contains hydrating marine collagen, purifying chamomile flower water and cactus flower extract that helps lock in the moisture that the mask injects into your skin. Witch hazel and allantoin also provide a cooling sensation that promises to provide continuous moisture and for $7.50, I think it’s worth picking up if you get the chance.

The cotton mask itself is good quality and seems to be relatively durable. I was a little heavy handed when I took the mask from the pack and it remained in tact. The mask is extremely moist and there is a fair amount of serum left behind in the pack when you remove the mask.

The moment I placed this mask on my face, I felt an instant cooling sensation which felt extremely soothing on my skin. There also isn’t much of a scent on the mask which I like.  Because the mask is so moist, it can move around a bit on the face, so I would recommend lying down for a chill out once you put this one on.

I left this mask on for a little longer than the recommended 15-20 minutes (okay I left it on for double the recommended time), but when I gently peeled the mask away, my skin looked really plump and soothed. Because the mask is so drenched in the serum, there was still a fair residue of serum left behind on my skin, so I simply massaged that in for an additional boost.

I wil definitely repurchase this mask when I’m doing another Sephora order as I think it is a good one to have on stand by. Personally, I think this mask would be fantastic to bring away on holiday to really hydrate, cool and soothe the skin after a long day in the sun.

What sheet masks have you all tried?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox




Skincare Sunday: Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Review

Hello lovelies!

It’s Sunday which means another instalment of my Skincare Sunday, this week I thought I’d share my thoughts on the much hyped Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask.


I picked this up in a holiday mask gift set at Sephora when we were in Florida and it was my first dip into the PTR brand.

First and foremost, there aren’t many products that make me go “wow” right from the outset, but this mask was a rare exception. The first time I used it, my skin looked like I had just been to the spa for a facial, even my usually oblivious boyfriend commented on my healthy glow.

This mask is a triple action treatment, which promises to exfoliate, smooth and polish the skin. The ingredient list is, as expected, impressive, using pumpkin enzyme (to exfoliate the dead skin cells), alpha hydroxy acids (to enhance radiance) and aluminium oxide crystals (the same ones used for microdermabrasion) to name a few. I’m not claiming to fully understand the technicalities of all the ingredients, but I do understand one thing, THEY WORK.

The mask has quite a thick consistency with a grainy texture and an odd spicy scent that personally is not for me (think pumpkin spiced pie), but the results outweigh the scent for me.

The instructions say to gently massage a thin layer onto the face in a circular motion with wet fingertips to start the exfoliation process. You can leave the mask on for 3-7 minutes, depending on skin sensitivity. I personally go for the full 7 minutes.

When the mask is first applied, you will most definitely experience a tingling, stinging sensation (but that soon subsides). The mask also creates a warming sensation on the skin which combined with the stinging may cause some to panic. Unless you have very sensitive skin, I would recommend to bare with it, it will subside and it means that the mask’s ingredients are getting to work.

Another thing which may cause panic is the fact that your skin may appear red once the mask has been removed, however, this too does die down after 30 minutes or so. Once skin has returned to normal, I find that I have an incredible radiant glow. My skin looks fresh and clean and make up applies beautifully after using it. In short, I LOVE this product and would definitely recommend.

Have you all tried any other products from PTR? What would you recommend?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Lynsey xox


Skincare Sunday: Josie Maran Cleansing Oil Review

Hello lovelies!

What a week it’s been. I returned to work after the Christmas holidays last Monday and I feel like it’s been the longest week ever. I totally wasn’t ready to get back to reality, even though I actually really love my job, but alas, if we want to buy expensive make up….

This week I want to start what I hope will be a weekly post “Skincare Sunday” to share my thoughts on various skincare products I’m trying/loving etc. I hope you all like it!


My current go to cleanser (since finishing my beloved Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel) has been the Josie Maran Cleansing Oil that I picked up in Florida. I find that oils and balms are the best cleansers for me to use at night as they dissolve my make up so efficiently.

Like most people, my skin tends to get a bit drier in Winter, so the moisturising qualities of this cleanser is what originally drew me to it. Another thing that I liked about it is the fact that it has an impressive list of all natural ingredients to include grape seed oil, almond oil, grapefruit peel oils as well as the obvious organ oil.

The cleanser is marketed as being suitable for all skin types, but I would personally recommend it more for those of you with dry skin.

When I first started using this cleansing oil, I really wasn’t too sure. It is significantly thicker than other cleansing oils I have used, and to be honest, the texture can feel a little more on the dry side. However, I perservered with it, and it has started to win me over.

I use about 3 pumps of the oil and gently rub onto my dry face to dissolve my make up. I then wet my face with some lukewarm water and massage the oil into my face as it turns into a luxurious milk. To remove, I use a wet flannel.

The cleansing oil has a beautiful citrusy scent which I love, removes make up really well, including waterproof mascara and washes off cleanly without leaving a sticky residue.

The main and only hang up I have with this oil is the texture issue that I noticed when I first started using this product. There are times when I feel like the drier texture causes me to pull and drag on my skin which I’m obviously not a fan of. However, of late, I have noticed a marked difference in the oil’s texture and found it to be much smoother , so it may be a case that the oil needs to be shaken up before use at the beginning, I’m really not sure.

In short, while I do really like this cleanser, I don’t love it in comparison to my beloved Oskia gel. It does work really well and removes my make up at the end of the day with ease, but I don’t enjoy using it as much as I do the Oskia. I will continue to use it up but I probably won’t go out of my way to repurchase.

What are your favourite oil/balm cleansers?

Thanks for reading.

Lynsey xox

Empties #1

Hello lovelies!!

I have been accumulating quite the stash of empties to give a lightening review on for you all over the month of December.



December saw me use up two cleansers including my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (sad face). This is my favourite cleanser ever. It smells divine, melts make up away easily and leaves my skin feeling nourished. I will definitely be repurchasing.

I also finished my Nude Skincare Nourishing Cleansing Oil. I liked this but didn’t love it. It lasted a long time and was gentle enough to use around my eyes etc. but the scent wasn’t great which kind of put me off. I probably won’t repurchase this one.

Mask wise, I finished my REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. This is a cult exfoliating mask and it has cult status for a reason. It’s amazing. My skin always looks so fresh and glowing after using it. I will repurchase this when I have used up my PTR pumpkin enzyme mask.

Another staple product to make it to the empties pile is my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I absolutely love this stuff. It works like magic and I use this to take my eye make up off now as it’s so gentle. I have already repurchased this.

I also finished up two moisturisers from Origins. Firstly, the High Potency Night-A-Mins which was luxuriously thick with a lovely fruity scent. I would repurchase, but have others to try before doing so. Secondly, I used up my pot of Ginzing energy boosting moisturiser. This is a more lightweight gel come cream with a fresh orange citrus scent which I loved using in the mornings to wake me up. I will repurchase but probably in the Summer.


I used up my Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body scrub, body wash and body butter. This is my second tub of the scrub in 2015 and I absolutely love it. The scent is amazing, and the scrub is grainy enough to feel like it’s doing something, but not so harsh that it irritates my skin. The wash lasts forever and doesn’t dry my skin out and the butter sinks in well and leaves my skin extremely nourished. I will definitely repurchase the full set after I have used some others up in my stash.

I finished up a bottle of Cocoa Butter beautifying oil from the Body Shop. The scent on this is nice and the oil sinks in very quickly which is great. I will repurchase, but I might try another scent.

I also used up a mini pot of L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate body butter. I adore this scent. I used this with the Almond Shower oil and couldn’t stop smelling myself afterwards. I will definitely buy the full size.

Make up

I finished two MAC eyebrow pencils in Lingering. I try other brow products, but always come back to these beauties. The pencil is so slim and does a great job at naturally filling in my brows. I already have another one of these from my Christmas stash.

I also used half of a Maybelline Illegal Length waterproof mascara which I didn’t like at all. I found this a much drier texture to what I am used to and the results were not to be considered “illegal length” by my standards at

Finally, my MAC brush cleanser has been used up. I liked this, but didn’t think it was amazing. I kind of think that I could achieve the same results with my baby shampoo. I might repurchase, but not for a while yet.

Have you all tried any of these products? What were your thoughts?

Lynsey xoxo