Month: March 2017

Travel – Top 10 Orlando, Florida

I love Orlando. It’s one of my most favourite places in the World. I’m a huge big kid at heart and there’s nothing more fun than spending a few weeks gallivanting around some of the best theme parks in the globe.

Summer is fast approaching and I myself know several people who are Orlando bound this year so I thought I would share my favourite things to do with you all…


Belfast BYOB Restaurant Review – The Lantern

Belfast has some wonderful restaurants to choose from and with that in mind, when I’m going out for a meal I always try to go somewhere new. I was still feeling the post-Christmas pinch recently (eek) and a meal with my best friend usually involves the wine costing more than the food, so we decided to look into BYOB restaurants in Belfast City Centre.

We decided to go with The Lantern, ideally situated on Wellington Place, and only a short walk from both of our offices.


The Lowdown – Benito Brow Bar, Belfast

Hello lovelies!

Brows are now undoubtedly a “thing”. Many moons ago, when I first started learning about make up, brows were not a focal point, the only thing that I had to ensure was that they were tidy and there was no mono-brow. As it happens, that wasn’t an issue for me, given the fact that I had plucked my brows to within an inch of their life and thought they were amazing. They weren’t. But that’s besides the point.


Little Update

Hello lovelies!

Just as I was getting my blog-inspo back, I had to take a month out from blogging.

My personal life has been so stressful recently that I simply haven’t had time or the mental capacity. Sad face. I found that I was really missing planning and writing posts as I often find it to be therapeutic and a great way for me to unwind/switch off from adult life so with that in mind I’m making a conscious effort to write.

My life is still a bit hectic, but I’m really going to be strict with myself and ensure I take much more “me time” to write and enjoy my creative outlet here. Otherwise, I think my little head might explode.

I have a few posts planned a penned already with plenty more in mind!

It’s good to be back.

Lynsey xox