Kylie Costmetics KKW Collection Review

Kylie Costmetics KKW Collection Review

Hello lovelies!

I’ll admit it, I, like most of you, am usually open to the power of suggestion when it comes to new beauty products. However, there are a few brands out there that really suck me into their new launches and one of them is Kylie Cosmetics.

In April, when I seen on social media that this collection was launching and that the collection was a set of all nude lip cremes, I was already sold before I had seen swatches.

Like a true make up junkie, I sat up to 11pm (late for me..) waiting for the site to go live in order to ensure I got my hands on this kit. I used the trusty GoSend service to avail of the free US domestic shipping and also because I had the KoKo Collection waiting in my locker (more on that later).

Kim has said that she wanted the kit to be reflective of her favourite shades and that naturally was going to mean various nude shades. Kylie Cosmetics took this launch opportunity to reveal an all new creme formula which I think is best described ‘a bullet type lipstick melted into a tube’.


The kit came beautifully packaged in a simple yet elegant pale nude box. It was sturdy, giving the impression of good quality and when I delved inside I was even more impressed with the packaging. The frosted glass lipstick tubes were very elegant with the signature Kylie Cosmetics drips in a matte blush pink. In all, a very chic and girly vibe.

Each shade is given one of Kim’s monikers, from lightest to darkest:

  • Kimberly (a true nude);
  • Kim (a peachy nude);
  • Kiki (a pinky nude); and
  • Kimmie (a deep nude).

KKWxKylieCosmetics Swatches

As I may have mentioned before, I really only wear nude lips. Red gives me anxiety and don’t even get me going on purple. I very much like to stay in my comfort zone when it comes to my lip colours. My favourites are Kimberly and Kim. Kimmie isn’t my type of shade as it is too brown toned on my lips so I will be donating that to my equally make up obsessed sister.

First application of the lip creme is quite sheer. However, the product can easily be layered to garner more intensity.

The formula is both a blessing and a curse for me. It applies smoothly and with ease. Because it is a creme formula, it feels very comfortable, lightweight and moisturising on the lips. Removing the product was a doddle, a simple swipe with a wipe or tissue and it was gone. That being said, because I was so used to my other liquid lipsticks being almost budge-proof, it didn’t  long for the colour to wear off. If you’re eating and drinking a lot while wearing these they simply won’t last. I estimate that the formula lasts approx 1-2 hours before needing topped up if you’re not doing anything to disturb the product. That being said, the kit doesn’t claim to be long-wearing.

The kit sold for $45 and whilst is has since sold out, there is always the possibility that there will be a restock or revival of some kind like there was with the KoKo Collection, so keep an eye out on Kylie’s Snapchat or on the site here.

What are your favourite nude lip shades?

Lynsey xox


34 responses to “Kylie Costmetics KKW Collection Review”

  1. I absolutely love the packaging of this collection and those shades are right up my alley! I tend to not go for red red shades either haha, great review! xx


  2. Packaging is gorge, will be interesting to see if Kim comes out with lip products after the contour kits!
    Would love you to have a look at EL nude xx


  3. Really wanted to try some of Kylie’s products but I just can’t bring myself to paying the price for shipping 😦 this collection does look beautiful but I think the colours are just too similar… thanks for sharing tho!


  4. Be still my beating heart, I’m not really a kardashian fan at all but that packaging and those liquid lipsticks are just gorgeous! Definitely a shame that they don’t last very long especially with a lot of wear throughout the day but good to know that they come off easily! With some of my liquid lipsticks I have to scrub at my lips to get it off!

    If only there was a way to purchase them over here!


    • I know right? So pretty!
      I agree. Getting them to the UK can turn out to be a bit expensive if customs etc get involved. I’ve tried a few bits from the brand and this is my favourite purchase so far! X


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