Five Favourites: Hair Masks to Revive Dry and Damanged Hair

I think that I’ve mentioned before, but I have been making a concerted effort in terms of haircare over the past year. The current situation means we have a little extra time to pamper ourselves while we isolate at home. I have bonded hair extensions and keeping my natural hair healthy and strong is key to minimise any damage from those. I’ll admit, I let my routine go a little just before Christmas, but since then I’ve been sticking to my routine of masking at least once a week, and I’ve discovered some amazing treatments along the way to share with you all.

Olaxplex No. 3 Hair Perfector

This is a cult product for very good reason and I think it’s my absolute favourite of the bunch if i’m really honest. Celebrities far and wide rave about this treatment that, until relatively recently, was only available in hair salons. The science behind this product means that the mask repairs the hair at molecular level, seeking out broken bonds to permanently repair and restore them. It can be used as an overnight or pre-shampoo treatment and the longer you leave it on the better.

Typically, this is a lazy Sunday treatment for me. I’ll wet my hair in the shower and slather this on and leave it to work its magic for an hour if I have the time. With this product, I personally tend to concentrate on my real, natural hair given the science will hardly work on extensions. Once washed out, my hair feels silky smooth and noticeably much stronger, it’s a product that will never not be in my stash.

We Are Paradoxx Game Changer Hair Mask*

I tried a little sample pot of this mask and fell head over heels for it after 3 uses (a little really does go a long way with this product) and after racing about it I was very generously gifted another full size pot plus the rest of the range from the brand! Firstly, this is a local, Irish brand that uses natural and organic ingredients that are free from any nasties. The mask itself can be used as a treatment and also as a finishing cream although I find it a little too heavy for my own hair for this purpose.

The mask is packed with kelp seaweed to encourage shine, argan and coconut oils to restore moisture as well as avocado and hazelnut oils to rejuvenate the scalp and condition the skin. After use, my hair feels incredible and is significantly more manageable with less frizz and flyaways. Plus the scent lingers on my hair for ages after giving me that “just out of the salon” feel. I definitely can’t wait to explore the range in depth.

Phyto Haircare Phytojoba Mask*

I’ve had this in my collection for a little while now and think it’s a real performer. Firstly I really like that it comes in a squeezy tube, as it means there will be pretty much zero product wastage as you can easily get all product out of the packaging.

The Phytojoba range is designed specifically for injecting moisture back into the hair without weighing it down. My natural hair is quite fine, so this is perfect for me as some masks can leave my hair feeling limp after use. The mask itself is a rich, creamy texture that is rich in jojoba oil which restores the hydrolipidic film and strengthens the hair fibre making it less prone to dryness going forward. As with most masks, the longer it can be left on the better but personally I leave this on in the shower whilst I shave my legs and the results are still really impressive!

Phyto Haircare Phytoelixir Mask*

For those occasions when I want something really intense and rich, I reach for this intense deep nutrition mask (also from Phyto) that is designed for ultra-dry hair. This mask will rescue and nourish the driest of tresses with its narcissus flower waxes and macadamia oil. I apply a 50p size dollop of this mask onto the wet mid-lengths and ends of my hair and leave for around 10 minutes before rinsing off.

The key thing I notice after using this product asides from how soft my hair feels is that it becomes really manageable and smooth. Any frizz is totally eliminated and even if I leave my hair to air dry naturally, there’s no sign of any frizz at all. Although it’s an intense, thick mask, it doesn’t weigh the hair down and is easily rinsed out.

Hask Hair Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Deep Condiitoner*

I’ve tried a number of masks from Hask over the past year and have really enjoyed them all (as a side note the wine inspired range is really good) but my favourite so far is this deep conditioning Monoi Coconut oil mask. This mask is also free from any sulphates, parabens and the likes and instead is packed with Monoi Oil which is native to Tahiti and is known for it’s hydrating and softening properties. This is ideal for all hair types that just need a boost of hydration and TLC and is particularly good for those on a budget.

The coconut scent reminds me of holidays and Summer so it’s a joy to use. Because it comes in handy little sachets, i’ll be bringing one of these away with me when I head on holiday once the lockdown is over. One sachet gets me around 3 uses, and that’s me using it pretty generously. Once rinsed out my hair feels really soft, stronger and looks noticeably more shiny. It’s only a few quid a pack too, so it’s a real bargain.

What hair products do you reach for when you want to treat your hair?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

*products marked with an asterisk have been gifted to me. All opinions, as always are 100% my own.

10 responses to “Five Favourites: Hair Masks to Revive Dry and Damanged Hair”

  1. I’ve only tried the Hask one but found that coconut oil on my hair weighs it down a lot. The other products sound pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Ah that’s a really shame about the Hask mask! If your hair gets weighed down easily the Olaplex could be a great choice because it’s pretty light! Xx

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      1. i’ll be sure to keep that in mind, thanks 🙂


  2. Great post! I love the way my hair feels after using olaplex, usually when going to the hairdressers. Might try the Game Changer as I suffer with extreme dry hair. I started using Function of Beauty on my hair and it has really helped with hydration. xx

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    1. The Game Changer mask is amazing for really dry hair! It’s been so good for mine! Xx

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  3. would it be okay to leave on hair mask for more than 1 hour or is that pointless ? I always leave mine maybe 30 mins to make sure I get the full goodness out of it lol xx


    1. Absolutely! I always think that the longer you can leave a mask on the hair, the better. Some nights I’ll go to bed and leave some of these masks on overnight! Xx

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  4. I’ve only tried Olaplex from these and ADORE it! Sounds like I need to try the others x

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    1. The Olaplex is amazing! I think you’d really like the Game Changer mask as it’s a great performer! Xx


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