Let’s Talk

Chapter 33….

Many of you might think that the title of this blog post gives away my age. I won’t comment. Instead I’ll continue to tell people I’m 25 and leave it at that.

Birthdays are funny old things. I tend to get a bit more reflective around my birthday as I get older and certainly more than I would at say New Year. Anybody else do this, or are you normal?

I’ve said it before but I’ve been on a very steep learning curve, particularly for the past year or two, and I’ve really tried to take lessons on board or grow on the back of any negatives that have reared their ugly heads. Sometimes I feel like it doesn’t look like I’ve got anywhere until I take a step back and look retrospectively and realise I’ve done alright.

So what nuggets of wisdom have I learnt over the past little while?


The Lockdown Diaries: Part 3 – Looking After Yourself

I’ve got to the point where I think lockdown feels relatively normal now! After the recent ease in restrictions there’s been more discussion for us about how returning to the office might look and as much as I’m looking forward to it, it kind of fills me with a touch of anxiety as I think navigating the outside world in the new “normal” is going to be difficult for a number of reasons.

Someone asked me recently how I’ve managed to remain positive throughout this crazy period. And truth be told, I haven’t always been able to. I, like everybody else, have difficult days where I feel like shit. But my inherent Lynsey trait is I won’t allow myself to “burden” people as I see it. Even though I never feel burdened listening to others! As is my life, there’s always a lot going on. Most of which I only share with those I’m extremely close to. That’s my way and it works for me for right now. Somebody called me an iceberg recently too and it’s perfectly accurate. A lot happens under the surface. But provided you aren’t bottling it up, take circumstances at your own pace and comfort level.