Five New Beauty Discoveries

As a beauty blogger, one of my favourite things is trying new brands and products, let’s face it, I’m a bit of a product floozy in some respects. I love discovering all manner of beauty products and sharing my favourites with you all and also hearing what you have been loving too. We’re all one big group of enablers! Recently I’ve come across some great new gems that I’ve really been enjoying.


Irish Brand Focus: We Are Paradoxx Haircare*

For a relatively small county, Ireland has some of the best beauty brands on the market and I really love finding and supporting, local brands. We Are Paradoxx aren’t your standard brand. They have a strong ethos regarding social and environmental responsibility and are committed to limiting their impact on the environment as a whole. The vegan friendly and cruelty free range uses a high percentage of natural and organic ingredients that are free from parabens, sulphates and mineral oils.

Although it is a local brand, We Are Paradoxx is a relatively new discovery to me. I got a sample of their Game Changer Hair Mask a little while back and was blown away by the effects on my hair. So when the brand reached out to me to ask if I wanted to explore some more products, I almost bit their hand off!

I couldn’t have been more surprised or excited when the package arrived to see they had sent over pretty much the entire range!!! I’ve been putting the products to the test over the lockdown period and can share my thoughts with you all.

The first thing that struck me about the products was that they all came in funky, aluminium packaging in order to reduce plastic use. I’ve no doubt that this costs the brand more than plastic packaging but the aluminium can be infinitely recycled making it a much better choice for the environment as a whole. Highly commendable. Personally I think the packaging gives the brand a luxe and modern feel too.


Five Favourites: Hair Masks to Revive Dry and Damanged Hair

I think that I’ve mentioned before, but I have been making a concerted effort in terms of haircare over the past year. The current situation means we have a little extra time to pamper ourselves while we isolate at home. I have bonded hair extensions and keeping my natural hair healthy and strong is key to minimise any damage from those. I’ll admit, I let my routine go a little just before Christmas, but since then I’ve been sticking to my routine of masking at least once a week, and I’ve discovered some amazing treatments along the way to share with you all.


New Additions to my Haircare Routine

I struggle to love my hair. Mostly because I’m too lazy to style it properly every day to ensure I have a big bouncy curly blow dry at all times – too much effort!

Instead, I try to focus on at least keeping it as healthy and nourished as I can. I’m not a total bad hair mummy after all.

My own hair is fine, a tad on the dry side and can suffer from frizz and flyaways. Not the easiest to work with. I have hair extensions in to counter how thin and fine my hair is and I’m not ready to take them out any time soon.

In the past few weeks and months, I’ve added some new products to my haircare routine which I’ve grown to love and given the fact my blog rarely features hair care products, I thought I would share my thoughts on them with you all.