Five New Beauty Discoveries

As a beauty blogger, one of my favourite things is trying new brands and products, let’s face it, I’m a bit of a product floozy in some respects. I love discovering all manner of beauty products and sharing my favourites with you all and also hearing what you have been loving too. We’re all one big group of enablers! Recently I’ve come across some great new gems that I’ve really been enjoying.

Hi First up is a new tan discovery in the form of the He-Shi 1 Hour Rapid Mousse* which has quickly become my favourite tan of late. We have been pretty lucky with the weather over the past few months and I’ve enjoyed sitting out in it trying to catch some natural colour. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes need a little extra help (particularly with my legs that seldom see the light of day anyway). When this arrived on my doorstep a little while back, I couldn’t wait to get stuck straight in. Firstly, mousse tan formulations are my favourite. I find them so much easier to work with than lotions and find they spread easier and dry quicker. This tan is perfect for those of you that are in a rush or like me, are challenged in the patience department. As the name would suggest, after just one hour of application, you can be ready to go! 1 hour gives a nice golden glow, 2 hours will reveal a medium-dark tan whilst if it’s left on for 3 hours you will be left with an ultra dark colour. This is super easy to apply, it spreads across the skin really easily, it’s not sticky or tacky and it dries really quickly. I also enjoy the fact that it doesn’t smell like your usual fake tan and instead has the nicest white nectarine and pear scent. The tan wears off really evenly and doesn’t cling to any dry patches which is probably due to the fact that the formula is enriched with avocado and organ oils. On the whole this tan ticks every single box for me and I will 100% repurchase myself when it’s done.

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite luxury make up brands. Their packaging always makes me swoon, the formulations are beautiful and every product that I have tried so far has given a really gorgeous finish. I hadn’t tried any of their eyeshadows and thought that I would treat myself to one of the little eyeshadow quads in the cult shade selection, Pillow Talk. The quad contains 4 of the prettiest matte and shimmer shades that are perfect for both day and night looks. The shades are super feminine and really bring out the colour in my blue eyes. The shadows themselves are really pigmented and there’s no fall out on use. I love how the quads are designed with simple instructions on how to use each shade and where they should be placed on the eye for the best result. The “pop” shimmer shade in this palette that is for the centre of the eye really opens my smaller eyes up too. I can understand why these quads have been so hyped in the past and I would definitely try other shades in future.

My hair has been an absolute mess throughout the lockdown period (I know, we’re all in the same boat). My extensions are well overdue a new set and I had to box dye my hair which may result in me being shouted at by an angry hairdresser in the coming weeks…With that being said I’ve been trying to take as good care of my hair as possible and have been loving using my We Are Paradoxx goodies to keep it smooth and healthy feeling (as another side note, you can use “LYNSEY’ on the We Are Paradoxx site for a 10% saving – affiliate link but any commission generated will be donated to charity). One thing I had been guilty of was not using a heat protector as often as I should have, mostly because I hadn’t found one that I loved but recently I was very kindly gifted a number of products from the Schwarzkopf Got2b range and one of the products was the Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray. First up this smells beautiful which is one of my key stipulations for hair products and secondly it offers heat protection for up to 220 degrees which is perfect for use with the hair straighteners. There’s no sticky residue after using this product and it feels really lightweight on my fine hair. Plus it is an absolute bargain and costs less than a fiver!! Highly recommended.

In terms of skincare, one of my most recent favourite discoveries is the cult Deep Hydration Facial Toner by Fresh Beauty. This product had been on my radar for yonks and I had never just taken the plunge and bought it. So when I was placing a SpaceNK order I decided to treat myself and my goodness I’m glad I did. The toner is infused with real rose petals that not only make it aesthetically pleasing but also adds the most beautiful scent. It also contains hyaluronic acid which helps deeply hydrate the skin. Its packed with rose water, rose oil and rose fruit extract which all aid toning, help reduce the size of pores and clear the skin of any impurities whilst leaving it silky soft. My skin has been loving it recently, as has my sister who has also been helping herself to it in the bathroom….(I’m told that her 17 year old combination skin also really enjoys it…).

The final discovery that I want to give a mention to is the Good Night Sleep Mask from Huxley that I picked up a few months ago from Tonic 15. This is one of the most hydrating masks that i’ve ever used and my skin has really thanked me for introducing it to my routine. It is infused with prickly pear seed oil which is known for it’s anti ageing benefits. The mask itself is a lightweight gel that feels extremely light on the skin and is absorbed easily. It is also packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid (my favourite in case you haven’t realised…) and centella asiatica extract which will help heal, soothe and repair the complexion. The next morning after using this mask my skin is always not only deeply hydrated but noticeably glowing. If your skin is on the drier side particularly, you should really look into a mask like this.

What beauty discoveries have you been enjoying recently? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

*products marked are press samples and have been sent to me for review consideration.

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