Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palettes- Too Faced and I Heart Makeup

Hello lovelies!

It’s no secret that I love a good luxury brand and product. However, that being said, I really enjoy find and exploring more affordable drugstore alternatives and dupes when they come my way – the money saved means more make up right?

This week I thought I would share my thoughts on the comparison of two chocolate bar eyeshadow palettes – the cult original from Too Faced and a more recent offering from Makeup Revolution’s sister brand, I Heart Make Up, Death By Chocolate palette. Although the shades in each palette are not the same, there are still many similarities.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Outer packaging.JPG

I’m instantly more attracted to the aesthetics of the Too Faced packaging – it looks pretty and almost like high end chocolate bar wrapping. The I Heart Makeup packaging is much more basic with a clear plastic window displaying the palette inside. However, both boxes display the shades of the shadows contained in each palette which I think is particularly useful, however the IHM palette does not display the shade names like TF does.


The packaging of the palettes themselves is somewhat similar. Both are designed to look like chocolate bars, with the IHM palette aiming to look like a melted chocolate bar instead which I rather like.

Both palettes feel weighty and luxurious. The IHM certainly doesn’t feel cheap, that’s for sure. Inside both palettes have a mirror, with the IHM palette edging the field in that respect due to its bigger mirror. The TF palette has the shade names of each shadow etched onto the palette itself, whereas the IHM palette comes with a clear film displaying  the shade names (easy to lose for me…).

Cost and Value

The TF original comes in at £39 whereas the IHM costs only £7.99 for the exact same number of shades, and for the price, I’m super impressed. I am aware that there is a direct comparison IHM palette with dupe shades of the original, so I would instantly be inclined to pick that up for the low cost price point.


Now for the good bit. The TF shadows are super buttery smooth and bendable, however, some of the more shimmery shades have a rougher texture when switching them. This is not the case in the IHM palette. All of the shadows are super creamy and soft, including the shimmers. Both palettes have the signature chocolate scent with the scent being that bit stronger, as expected, in the TF palette.

Below are all 16 of the shades in the TF palette. My personal favourites are Salted Caramel, Marzipan and Amaretto.


The shades in the IHM palette are very different, shown below. My personal favourites are, Don’t Let Go, Tear the Wrapper and Dipped.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I am super impressed by the IHM palette. I think the shadows are incredible for the price. They are buttery smooth and very easy to work with. The shades are lovely but I do prefer the TF shades (I’ll pick up the direct comparison palette by IHM and let you know my thoughts on that front). The packaging of the TF palette just edges the IHM palette for me as it’s that bit more sleek. But that being said, I’m still impressed with the IHM packaging.

In all, if you aren’t too sure about picking any of these IHM palettes up because you aren’t expecting a great deal, then please rethink. I wasn’t expecting to be quite as impressed as I was. I will definitely be picking more of their palettes up in future. I can’t say pick one over the other, as for me the shades are very different. But if you can’t afford a TF palette just yet, then the IHM range is certainly a fantastic alternative.

Have you tried anything else from the IHM range?

Thanks for reading.

Lynsey xox

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