The Lowdown – Benito Brow Bar, Belfast

Hello lovelies!

Brows are now undoubtedly a “thing”. Many moons ago, when I first started learning about make up, brows were not a focal point, the only thing that I had to ensure was that they were tidy and there was no mono-brow. As it happens, that wasn’t an issue for me, given the fact that I had plucked my brows to within an inch of their life and thought they were amazing. They weren’t. But that’s besides the point.

Last week, I was very kindly approached to attend a blogger event at Belfast’s newest brow bar, Benito. Step inside Toyshop at Victoria Square and you will find this cosy brow bar cleverly nestled beside the Toyshop Makeup counter on the ground floor.


When I arrived, a super-friendly Leah gave me a lovely glass of prosecco and a very blogger-event-esque cupcake. A good start. I then had a chance to snap some blog worthy photos and speak to Leah briefly about the company.


Benito specialise in threading treatments but also offer tinting for both brows and lashes. What sets threading apart from other hair removal techniques, is the precision that can be created allowing for a clean, well-defined brow in just a short appointment.  The therapist uses a cotton thread to lift hairs out from the root, and because there is no other product involved (like waxing), it is particularly good for sensitive skin.


When it was my turn to sample the threading technique, my therapist, Poonam could not have been better. She was experienced, easy to talk to and to use a direct quote from herself”hilarious”.


Firstly, my brow area was cleansed and sanitised using a tea tree cleanser. Next, Poonam, consulted with me about the shape I wanted for my brows and where my arch should start for my face shape. When I was comfortably reclined, Poonam got to work. Within ten (not that painful) minutes, my brows were transformed, leaving my eyes to look bigger and more awake. To finish, Poonam applied a little aloe vera gel to help with any redness or irritation.


Following the treatment, Benito also offer a complimentary essential oil face, arm and hand massage, perfect for those of you who really need to chill out mid shopping haul.

When I was saying my goodbyes and expressing my thanks for the lovely experience, I was very generously,sent on my way with a sneaky goodie bag, loaded with Benito themed treats and a Topshop lipstick. Another gold star.

If you are in need of a good brow therapist and a lovely experience, then I would highly recommend checking Benito out. It is quick, easy and from somebody who is immensely fussy about her brows, the results are fab. I will certainly be back.

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox


One response to “The Lowdown – Benito Brow Bar, Belfast”

  1. Your brows look great! I’ve often wondered if threading was painful but it sounds bearable! xx



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