Kiss Products Summer Party with Alex Silver PR

Hello lovelies!

Last week, I was very excited to attend the Kiss Products Summer Party on the rooftop of The Merchant Hotel in Belfast. I’m still a relative newbie in the blogging scene, so when the invite popped up in my emails, I nearly fell off my seat!

Before I went, I didn’t know a great deal about the brand except for the fact that they specialised in false nails and lashes. The invite had said that the event would include manicures and lash applications so I was really looking forward to it because I had missed my last nail appointment at Pretty Polished and was finding it hard to fit it back into my busy schedule.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with a welcome peach bellini- always a good start. The girls from Alex Silver PR asked me to sign in and sent me on my merry way into the party which was already in full swing. The wonderful Paddy McGurgan was on hand applying false lashes and a number of the girls from the Makeup Pro Store were already busily working away applying Kiss nails.

Kiss Summer party

The ever professional staff at The Merchant were continuously circulating with various plates of delicious food (mini fish and chips cones, mini beef burgers, goats cheese tarts and the likes) followed by glasses of ice cold wine, which were particularly welcome on a very hot evening. I was somewhat nervous going to an event like this alone, but after introducing myself to the only girls I recognised at the time (Alison from the wonderful Passions and Preening and Victoria from Dotty Diamond), I found myself relaxing because the girls were all so friendly and welcoming.

After spending a little while chatting with the girls, I decided to try out the services on offer and seeing for myself what the products were like. I opted for a simple nude pink nail and after ten minutes my unkempt little fingers were transformed. I was really impressed at how natural the nails looked and how light they felt when applied. Usually false nails make me feel uncomfortable and like I can’t lift anything, but these ones felt different. I was admiring some of the other designs on offer and I was told to pick a few more styles to take home with me which was very generous.

Kiss Products

After this I decided to try out the Kiss lashes. Usually, falsies feel really heavy on my sensitive eyes and I end up squinting like a weirdo. Paddy picked out a beautifully natural looking set for me that added a little something to the outer corner of my eyes and when applied I couldn’t feel the lashes weighing on me whatsoever. The effect was natural but really opened my eyes up – exactly what I would go for. Again, Paddy stuffed a few more sets into my handbag and sent me on my way to get another drink and rejoin the party.

I sat over another couple of G&Ts and chatted to the girls (shout out to the affable Gill at Eyeliner Flicks, Wendie at Lurganista, and Louise at The Real Elle Woods to name a few).

Kiss Products Summer Party

When it was time to go, the girl from Alex Silver thrust a giant goodie bag in my hands and sent me in “to pick whatever I liked”. When I seen how much was already in the goodie bag, I refrained from taking anymore as I would have felt greedy! Alex seen me off with a warm hug and thanked me for coming (I’d have kicked myself if i hadn’t) and I left the event feeling more inspired and back in the blogging frame of mind than I have for a long time.

Kiss Products can be found in many chemists (Gordons in Belfast definitely stock them) and Boots.

Thanks so much to the girls at Alex Silver PR and to all the lovely blogging gals that I met on the night! I had a wonderful evening and already look forward to the next event.

And for reference, the nails have been on for 5 days at the time of writing and they’re still going strong. Impressive! There will definitely be a giveaway soon with some of the goodies that I received!

Have you tried anything from Kiss Products before?

Lynsey xox

2 responses to “Kiss Products Summer Party with Alex Silver PR”

  1. Rebecca Ellis Avatar
    Rebecca Ellis

    I was so disappointed that I missed this one, but I really hope I can attend the next event! It sounds like you had a fab time, I’ve actually been meaning to try some new nails so I’ll definitely have a look for these x


    1. It was a fab event! Hopefully they have another event here! They are really impressive. Mine are still going strong! Xx


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