Getting Summer ready with Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub

Hello lovelies!

Summer is upon us and for me that means that I naturally start to think about paying a bit more attention to my body care routine. Y’know, for those 10 sunny days we get in Northern Ireland where our skin’s on show…

A little while back Naturelle Cosmetics very kindly sent me one of their coffee scrubs to try out. I have been using the product twice a week for over a month and the verdict is in.

First a little about the brand. Naturelle Cosmetics is a private, family-owned business which focuses exclusively, as the name would suggest, on natural, organic beauty products. Their products are all 100% organic, paraben free and vegan and the brand promotes an environmentally friendly approach with recyclable packaging and a low carbon footprint. What more can you ask for from a brand?

The scrub comes very simply packaged in a little brown sealable pouch. The first thing I noticed about the scrub was the scent – exactly like opening a jar of Nescafe. Now I know that sounds somewhat obvious, but I received the ylang ylang scrub and expected it to have a bit of that kind of scent which it doesn’t have. I personally don’t mind the scent of the coffee, but it’s not my favourite if i’m really honest.

The scrub itself is lightweight yet grainy and spreads well upon application. Only a small amount is needed to scrub your entire body. Like any coffee scrub, it gets pretty messy. I wet my body in the shower, turn the water off and scrub  away. That way, it’s just a simple rinse of the shower to get rid of the messy residue. I personally wouldn’t advise doing this standing in the middle of your bathroom!


I suffer from a little bit of psorisias on my elbows and I was informed that the ylang ylang oil infusion in this scrub can help with these types of skin conditions. Whilst I haven’t noticed an improvement in the condition, the scrub certainly doesn’t irritate it like others have in the past.

After I have rinsed the product off, I can feel a very light oil residue, which also adds moisture and hydration to the skin. – double benefits! I can also feel that my skin is noticeably softer and much smoother.  Importantly, my skin does not feel or appear irritated after using this product. In fact, after use, I have noticed that my skin looks much healthier and a bit ‘glowy’. I often follow this exfoliation routine with fake tanning and the results are significantly better than when I use some of my other body scrubs as my tan doesn’t gather anywhere on my skin – result!

In all, I have really enjoyed using this scrub. The scrub is easy to use and melts away easily upon rinsing. It isn’t harsh on my skin and the oil infusion hydrates my skin without leaving my skin feeling ‘greasy’. From investigating the Naturelle Cosmetics website, I’m really intrigued about many more of their products.

You can buy the Royal Coffee Scrub here for £9.95.

Have you tried anything from this brand before?

Lynsey xox


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