Beating the Beast From The East: My Pamper Routine

Like the majority of you, I’m sick looking at frost, ice and snow this winter. Today is 1st of March and I’m sat at home basically snowed in with classes for my solicitor course looking to be cancelled for the next few days – not what I expected for spring!

So what better way to warm up than to plan a pamper evening at home for tonight!

Here is what I like to do…

To kick off my pamper evening, I like to light some candles to set a nice relaxing atmosphere. I light some simple tea lights which are dotted around my bathroom along with my The White Company candle in the “Relax Spa” scent.

Next up I grab my IPad as I love to have a Netflix or YouTube binge whilst I’m soaking in the bath. My go to shows at the moment are The Crown, The Big Bang Theory or Peaky Blinders. I picked up this awesome bath tray from Ebay last year which has a slot specifically for your tablet to keep it safe.

I’ll start running my bath and ensure it’s filled with some treats too. I’ve recently discovered how great Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs and melts are so I’ll either use one of those to soften and moisturise my skin or I will opt for some bubble bath and a few drops of one of my trusty Aromatherapy Associates bath oils depending on my stress levels.

Next up, I’ll smother my hair with a good conditioning mask and my current mask of choice is this Macadamia Oil Mask that I picked up from Chemist 4 U which makes my hair super smooth and shiny.

After tying my hair up out of my face, it’s time to prep my face for a mini facial. I will start by removing all traces of make up with Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil which melts and dissolves a full face of make up with ease. Next up I will give my skin a second cleanse with a more potent/ingredient rich cleanser. My current obsessions are Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel or Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser (which can be picked up locally from Therapie Clinic along with the full Image ranges). After this, I love to slather on a good facemask. I will either opt for an indulgent sheet mask (my favourite is the Bee Venom mask from Beauty Belle a full review of which can be found here) or I will opt for a really good deep-cleansing mask like Glamglow Supermud which really pulls out all impurities from the skin. If my skin is particularly in bad shape I will follow the detoxifying mask with a moisturising mask like Temple Spa’s Trufflesque . To complete my facial I will pop on some moisturising eye gel patches like these collagen infused ones that I also picked up from Chemist 4 U.

Whilst both my hair and face masks are getting to work I’ll hop into the bath for a nice relaxing soak. I try to leave masks on for as long as possible to get the full benefits out of them. I always like to bring a drink with me to stop me getting dehydrated but sometimes I go all out and bring a little glass of prosecco or a gin and tonic up.

After soaking for at least 30 minutes, I will hop out of the bath to remove the masks and eye gel patches. I’ll smother my body in a really good moisturiser like one of the Soap and Glory body butters (my favourite scent is Sugar Crush) and finish off my mini facial with a good serum or oil. My current favourite for a real treat is Sisley’s Black Rose Face Oil which makes my skin look a million dollars by next morning. I’ll slather on a good lip balm, usually Eve Lom’s Kiss Mix and change into nice fresh, clean PJs. A quick spritz of Feather and Down’s Pillow Mist and I’m practically floating off to a deep, unencumbered sleep! Bliss!

How do you like to relax? What products do you break out for a pamper routine?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

3 responses to “Beating the Beast From The East: My Pamper Routine”

  1. Such a great routine, thanks for sharing all the products!

    Anika |

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I need some more Aromatherapy Oils in my life – I had a few minis once and loved them! A bath and pamper is essential in this weather! xx



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