Skincare Sunday – My Skincare Journey with Therapie Clinic – Part 2 – Chemical Peel FAQs

I recently shared my first instalment of My Skincare Journey with Therapie Clinic letting you all know what I was embarking upon with them. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

Since then I have had two peels at the clinic in Belfast and I wanted to share a quick FAQ style post answering some of your questions that I’ve had from social media.1. Does it hurt?

This is the most common question I’ve had and the answer is simply no. I have experienced a little tingling and the second treatment tingled that little bit more than the first but it’s not painful at all. It feels more like a cool, tingling sensation!

2. Does your face react with redness and/or scaling?

When you say chemical peel, you initially think of that scene in Sex and the City where Samantha gets a peel and her face looks like it’s melting off.

Obviously, that doesn’t happen with these peels. My skin suffers with redness quite a lot so initially after the treatment it is slightly more red but nothing remotely alarming, I could go straight to work and nobody would notice the difference. A few hours later and it’s back to normal. After my first peel I had pretty much no down time with any flaking skin etc. but after the second I noticed a little more on my cheek, again, nothing alarming and it was gone in a day or two.

3. What does the peel entail?

The particular peel that I have been getting, the Four Layers peel by Image Skincare, is exactly as you would expect, four layers of various vitamins and acids to speed up the skin’s cell renewal.

After cleansing the skin, the first layer applied is Vitamin C. This is followed by a glycolic and salicylic acid masque. Another layer of Vitamin C is piled on finished by a hydrating enzyme mask.

All four layers are on the face at one time before being removed and serum and moisturiser applied.

4. Who is the Four Layers Peel suitable for?

This is a difficult question for me to answer as I had a detailed consultation with Therapie prior to starting my treatment so I know that this peel is good for skin like mine.

As with all cosmeceutical treatments and products, I would highly recommend getting an in-depth consultation beforehand so they can tailor your treatment to your skin’s needs. Therapie offer free consultations ahead of any of their treatments. Book in and speak to them about your own personal skin concerns.

My skin is relatively normal but I do suffer from redness and pigmentation from sun damage.

5. How long does it take?

These peels are fantastic for those on the go. The treatment only takes around 30 minutes so it really is one you could go for in your lunch hour!

6. Do you have to have specific products for aftercare?

No. The main thing that I have been told in terms of aftercare is to wear sun screen as your skin is much more sensitive and not to exfoliate for around 4 days afterwards (your skin really won’t need it anyway).

I do incorporate a few cosmeceutical grade products into my skincare too and I would like to add some more but I haven’t completely overhauled my routine.

Therapie stock a full range of Image Skincare products alongside a lot from the various ranges at Murad so I would say pop into your local salon and speak to the staff about what you could start incorporating into your routine.

Have you ever tried a chemical peel before? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

*The peels that I have been receiving at Therapie have been gifted to me. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*

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