The Lockdown Diaries: Part 2

How long have we even been in lockdown? I genuinely can’t remember! Generally I’m mostly ok with it, I’m lucky enough to be busy with work during the week and have plenty occupy myself but recently, I’ve heard things that make it all hit home a bit harder and realise that for some it really could be the worst or most lonely period in their life.

There are some days I look out the window and see groups of kids hanging around or playing football like it’s their summer holidays or I hear horror stories of people flouting social distancing rules at shops etc. like there’s nothing going on. It’s all really quite selfish.

I have a friend who’s really been through the ringer during this period. Her step dad took a stroke and she also had a family bereavement at the same time. Both things are difficult enough to deal with at the best of times never mind during a nationwide lockdown. She’s been unable to give the same level of support to her family that she would have in ordinary circumstances and the stress and worry it all causes must be incredibly upsetting for her. Her family couldn’t hold a proper funeral and the long term effect that will have on them (and others in that situation) going forward will be huge. Her poor step dad can’t get any of the same treatment he would have had after a stroke in ordinary circumstances because of the crisis which means the long term effects of that are going to be harder for him to avoid and it’s just awful knowing that there’s nothing they can do. Despite everything, you wouldn’t know how stressed she is though, cause she’s strong AF and nothing ever seems to phase her, she just keeps plugging on and continues to be an amazing friend to everyone and a great daughter. It amazes me to be honest.

I also know somebody else who had a devastating miscarriage at the beginning of the year and then through her subsequent follow up medical appointments found out, just after the lockdown was announced, that she had cancerous cells in her cervix which require surgery and in all likelihood, radiotherapy. Both things will have a serious impact on her fertility which I’m sure is both terrifying and devastating for her. Again, the lockdown adds to the situation, because her treatment plan has obviously stalled and of course she will have the fear of catching the virus itself before any surgery or treatment starts in any event. All whilst she’s understandably already petrified of what’s going on in her body.

There’s tonnes of people in positions like this and sadly even worse out there. You hear stories on the news every day that just break your heart and it really should remind us all that it’s bloody important that we listen to the guidance in relation to the lockdown. Yes it’s inconvenient, yes it’s frustrating, yes it can be lonely or outright dementing for some people, but the longer people don’t listen, the longer it’s going to have to last or the more stringent the rules will have to become.

We’re looking at a bigger picture here. We’re staying at home and following the rules to save people’s lives. To prevent people from having no opportunity to give their loved ones a proper send off. To allow those with other illnesses the chance to start their treatments and get the care they deserve. It goes so much further than some people seem to realise sometimes.

So seriously, if you’re considering just nipping to your friends or if you’re out and about when you really have no need to be, just don’t bother. It’s selfish. Take a step back and think about those who are the hardest hit in these situations and give them a chance to move forward.

Lynsey xox

One response to “The Lockdown Diaries: Part 2”

  1. Im a new follower and just want to compliment you on your writing style! you are a very good writer, your right the longer people don’t listen the longer these rules will go on for. I find the government guidelines confusing though especially now they are maybe opening schools on june 1st, seems crazy xx


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