Hello from me

Hello there, how do you do!! I’m Lynsey, a 20 something, beauty addict from Belfast.

I have always been a beauty product junkie. Aged three, I had my very own little make up bag full to the brim with my Mum and Gran’s old make up empties from Avon. Aged ten, I made my mum take me to The Body Shop every Friday after school to stock up on colourful bath pearls (remember those bad boys ?!), lip balms and luscious. fruity smelling soaps. Now, aged twenty-eight, I have a ridiculous extensive product collection, and not much money left at the end of a month as a result.

I like to think of myself as an equal opportunities beauty shopper i.e. I don’t discriminate against brands for reasons of price, colour or size. If a product wows me, it won’t matter if it is high street or high end, I will HAVE to have it.

This blog will bring honest, unbiased reviews along with regular product hauls and any tips or news that I have to share along the way.

So, enough babble, I may get on with my first proper beauty post….

Lynsey xox

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