Seoulista Beauty: Rosy Hands and Rosy Toes Review

It’s certainly no secret that I love a good sheet mask. My drawer at home is overflowing with them and I can’t seem to stop picking them up. A while back I was very kindly sent some sheet masks from Seoulista Beauty which I reviewed here for any of you that missed it and I really enjoyed them so when I seen that they had released foot and hand masks, I was excited to try them out.

I am not the best at looking after my hands and feet, I will admit it. Asides from my monthly manicure with Sinead at Pretty Polished, I don’t do much else which means my hands can start to look a bit neglected. My feet are an entirely different story as I’m actually quite scared of feet (they’re just hands gone wrong) so I tend not to look at mine never mind pamper them. This means they get very dry and sad looking – not a good look for Spring-Summer when the opened toe shoes come back out.


Palmers Coconut Firming Range Review

I’ve recently joined the gym. I haven’t exercised in longer than I care to admit and even walking up a few flights of stairs was becoming a bit too laboured for my liking.

Summer is the perfect time to introduce healthy changes to your lifestyle in my opinion. It’s just so much easier in the bright evenings to lift yourself off the sofa (and away from the biscuit tin) and go to the gym.

That being said, I’m far from at the point where I’m feeling toned and firm so a little extra help on that front is never going to be sniffed at by me! Enter Palmers new firming range!

Palmers are renowned for their cocoa butter formulations. I always have a bottle to hand on holiday as (a) it smells divine and (b) it injects more moisture into my skin than any other product and in turn prolongs my tan.

I particularly like that the range is natural and completely free from harsh chemicals, parabens and sulfates.


My Quest for ‘Good Hair Days’: New Additions to my Haircare Routine

My hair is a nightmare. It never does what it’s meant to. When I want it straight, it goes curly. When I want it curly, it stays straight. To add insult to injury, It is dry, damaged, limp and fine.

All of the above puts me off spending a lot of time on my hair routine. Lately I have found myself scraping it back into a ponytail most days which gets boring, quickly. I had to make some changes and that’s when I started to discover some of these fab new products that I just had to share with you all.


Latest In Beauty: Monthly Subscription Box

I will admit it- I have never once tried a beauty subscription box. I have looked into many and completed plenty of research but the element of surprise and potentially getting a load of products I had little to no interest in each month put me off.

Also, some of the subscription boxes can be seriously spendy so I simply didn’t bother. Then the wonderful gals at Latest In Beauty gave me the chance to build my own one off box to try it out, it would have been rude of me to turn it down!

So what is Latest In Beauty and how does it work?


Review: Bilou Products

Want to smell like Cotton Candy or perhaps a Tasty Doughnut? Well thanks to German YouTuber Bibi from Bibi’s Beauty Place, and her hit new bodycare brand, you can!

German brand, Bilou is well known for its unique scents and formulations and has recently arrived in the UK, exclusive to Superdrug. The range houses a total of nine different products in five delicious scents such as Cotton Candy, Fizzy Berry, Tasty Doughnut, Coco Cocktail or Pink Melon.

I was recently sent some products from the range to try out for myself and I’m ready to share my thoughts!


Moonlight: The Latest Scent from Ariana Grande

I am fussy with fragrances. I tend to stick with my trusty Jo Malone scents or my signature Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. But let’s face it, those scent choices are far from cheap and wearing them every single day can get expensive and quickly. So for that reason, I had been on the lookout for some new daily fragrances that weren’t going to run the risk of bankrupting me. So when I was kindly offered the chance to try out this new fragrance, I thought the timing was perfect!

Honestly, celebrity fragrances haven’t appealed to me in the past. Perhaps I’m a perfume snob? But when I have been browsing in Superdrug and Boots recently, I have been making a point of lifting various fragrances and giving them a whiff, trying not to judge them on the celebrity status.


Skincare Sunday: Naturaline Swiss Cosmetics Review

It’s no secret that I love trying out new product lines so when this line landed on my doorstep a little while back, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Again, it’s no secret that I am a skincare junkie. I’m always on the look out for the next best product or treatment to try. Whilst I have incorporated a few cosmeceutical grade skincare products to pack a punch for cleansing and in terms of serum etc. I think that using more gentle, natural based products in other areas is never a bad thing.