Stepping into Summer: Palmers Foot Care Review

The time for hiding our little tootsies away in boots is over and we are hurtling toward Summer and cute sandal season at an alarming rate. To be fair, Ireland’s weather isn’t exactly comparable to the South of France and usually features a significant amount of rain, but we will inevitably get a few pockets of beautiful, sunny weather and our feet need to be prepared accordingly for when that creeps up on us.

I’m not great at looking after my feet. In fact, feet actually scare me, they’re just so ugly. So that means when this time of year pops up, my feet usually require a bit of TLC. Enter the Palmers foot care range which is designed to moisturise, hydrate and nourish neglected trotters in mere moments. I’ve incorporated 3 products from the range into my weekly pamper routine and the verdict is in*.

First up is the Coconut Sugar Foot Scrub which I use once a week to brush away dead skin cells and prepare my feet for moisture. The cream contains tiny pieces of pumice that creates a gentle but effective scrub. It isn’t overly abrasive which is great for those with sensitive skin. You get 60ml of product, which if I’m being really honest, isn’t a great deal for a product such as this. Whilst you don’t need a huge amount of product, the nature of a scrub is that you inevitably use more as you work it in. 60ml will run out very quickly in this case and I think a larger tube would be a great idea. I apply this to slightly damp feet and work it into the foot for about 3-5 minutes concentrating on my heels and around the toes. I then rinse it off with the shower head and my feet feel much smoother and revitalised. I think this would be a lovely product to bring on holiday to maintain your sandal-worthy feet. The coconut and peppermint scent is beautiful and very tropical.

After this I apply a nice amount of the Coconut Water Foot Cream to pump some serious moisture into the foot. This thick foot cream is formulated with macadamia and cocoa butter making it super hydrating and softening for the skin. The scent is, again, to die for and the luxurious lotion feels like a real treat to use. I think that this product would be particularly good for those with dry, cracked heels given the fact that it is so nourishing. It has certainly helped my neglected feet.

As an extra treat, I have been massaging the Coconut Foot Oil into my feet at bed time before popping some moisturising socks on. I love a good oil as I really feel like oils deeply nourish and hydrate the skin more than a cream can. I feel like the oil seals the foot cream in and adds another dimension to hydration as a whole. This particular oil is really fast absorbing which I really enjoy as I can’t cope with a slippery oil that allows everything to stick to it. The inclusion of lavender and eucalyptus oils also make for a really spa like experience so if you can convince someone to rub your feet (and stomach it), it would be a real treat.

What do you do to get your feet Summer ready? Tell me in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

*post contains PR samples. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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