Seoulista Beauty: Rosy Hands and Rosy Toes Review

It’s certainly no secret that I love a good sheet mask. My drawer at home is overflowing with them and I can’t seem to stop picking them up. A while back I was very kindly sent some sheet masks from Seoulista Beauty which I reviewed here for any of you that missed it and I really enjoyed them so when I seen that they had released foot and hand masks, I was excited to try them out.

I am not the best at looking after my hands and feet, I will admit it. Asides from my monthly manicure with Sinead at Pretty Polished, I don’t do much else which means my hands can start to look a bit neglected. My feet are an entirely different story as I’m actually quite scared of feet (they’re just hands gone wrong) so I tend not to look at mine never mind pamper them. This means they get very dry and sad looking – not a good look for Spring-Summer when the opened toe shoes come back out.

Seoulista Beauty are inspired by the South Korean skincare regimes that are so popular right now. They source innovative skincare techniques and ingredients directly from Seoul to bring to the UK market.

So what’s the low down on the latest releases?

The Rosy Hands Instant Manicure is a double-layer hand mask, drenched in natural ingredients such as Bulgarian Rose complex to treat, nourish and hydrate your hands, nails and cuticles.

It is a patented anti-aging treatment for the hands

Packed full of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to treat dark spots and pigmentation, Beeswax to protect the hands and seal in moisture and Bulgarian Rose oil to help nourish, hydrate and soothe the skin, the treatment is a real wonder product.

I used the mask on one of my pamper Sundays. All I had to do was pop the gloves on and relax for 30 minutes letting the serum infuse into the skin. When I took the gloves off my hands were silky smooth there was some residue left behind and the pack advised to work that into the skin which I did. To get the full benefit of the ingredients, this treatment is one I would advise doing before bed when you aren’t planning on using your hands too much afterwards.

The Rosy Toes Instant Pedicure is the same principle but obviously designed for the feet and many of the same ingredients including the beeswax and Bulgarian rose oil. The treatment promised to sooth dry, cracked skin, restore and revitalised the feet, whilst nourishing and hydrating the skin, nails and cuticles.

The treatment comes with two little booties which are secured to your feet using the paper straps – very handy for messy pups like me. The booties are so drenched in the serum that they can be a little messy (I ended up with some product on my footstool -whoops). So definitely stick a towel down to rest your feet on while they work their magic. Common sense to most of you no doubt.

After use, my feet felt super soft and smooth. My dry heels had disappeared and my feet generally felt more supple and hydrated. I am 100% going to stock up on these for summer!

What do you do to pamper your hands and feet? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

4 responses to “Seoulista Beauty: Rosy Hands and Rosy Toes Review”

  1. I’ve been neglecting my hands and feet and this seems like such a cool product to try. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m usually the same but this is so fuss free I love it!! Xx


  2. My feet definitely need some love especially because I always refer to them as broken because of the multiple problems I’ve had with them over the last 10 years or so (Goddamn me for walking on my tiptoes all day everyday) so the foot mask in particular is really calling out to me! Can you pick these up in any stores? Or just online?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can get it in Gordons Chemist Hayley! Treat yourself! You won’t be disappointed! xx


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