Moonlight: The Latest Scent from Ariana Grande

I am fussy with fragrances. I tend to stick with my trusty Jo Malone scents or my signature Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. But let’s face it, those scent choices are far from cheap and wearing them every single day can get expensive and quickly. So for that reason, I had been on the lookout for some new daily fragrances that weren’t going to run the risk of bankrupting me. So when I was kindly offered the chance to try out this new fragrance, I thought the timing was perfect!

Honestly, celebrity fragrances haven’t appealed to me in the past. Perhaps I’m a perfume snob? But when I have been browsing in Superdrug and Boots recently, I have been making a point of lifting various fragrances and giving them a whiff, trying not to judge them on the celebrity status.

I learnt recently that Ariana Grande has released three fragrances now and she is only 24 (talk about making me feel like I’m under-achieving). Her last fragrance Sweet Like Candy, actually won the 2016 Fragrance Foundation ‘Fragrance of the Year’ award so she obviously knows what she is doing when it comes to it!

Ariana has created Moonlight to inspire confidence in women to be yourself and to be positive lights to those around you. Something we would all do well to remember and embody.


The packaging is super cute and ultra girly! The multi faceted holographic bottle comes with a lavender cap and furry pom pom for good measure. It looks super cute on my dresser.

So what does it smell like?

The scent is what I would describe as alluring. It opens with top note scents of blackcurrant and juicy plum. These initial scents fade away to leave behind a super feminine fresh peony and sweet marshmallow scent. The dry down on the scent deepens the fragrance with creamy sandalwood, black amber and vanilla.

Put simply, in my own words, it’s sweet but sultry.

Does it last?

The fragrance is thankfully an Eau de Parfum, as I like my scents to be stronger and have a bit of longevity. I have spritzed this in the morning around 8am and it can still be picked up 10 hours later! Definitely on par with my other scents!

Would I honestly wear it?

Much to my surprise, I actually would wear this daily! Usually, I don’t tend to go for particularly sweet scents, but the dry down on this makes for a really interesting perfume and definitely takes away from the super sweet initial scent. I have asked a few of my fellow ‘perfume snob’ friends what they think of my perfume recently and they too have all said they really like it!

Do we think that celebrities actually wear their own branded scents? In this case, I actually think that this is a very ‘Ariana perfume’ – y’know because I know her so well? But it just fits in my mind. It’s sweet with depth which for me seems to work with her persona.

If you want to pick up a bottle for yourself, you can pick it up from all major fragrance retailers, with prices starting at just £23 for 30ml. I would really recommend it!

Have you tried any celebrity scents?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

*this post contains gifted items. All opinions however, are 100% my own.

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