Recent Beauty Haul

Hey lovelies!

I’ve been trying to reign in my spending recently. By the time you’re reading this post, I’ll either have lost all of my money or made my fortune at the Cheltenham Festival, but realistically most likely the former…

Even though i’ve been on a self imposed saving period, i’ve still managed to pick up some beauty bits and bobs over the course of the last month or so. Here’s what I got…


I had mentioned to my OH that I was running low on cleanser and he very kindly picked up this Lancome Cleansing Fluid for me to try. I’ve been using this for approximately three weeks each evening as my second cleanse. The lotion is very light and is sensitive enough to be used around the eye area. It has a nice subtle scent and so far I’m really enjoying the product. I’ll report back with my more in depth thoughts once I have used it for a bit longer.

As mentioned in last week’s Sunday Skincare post, I also picked up Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Intense Hydrating Booster. This is a wonderful hydrating and plumping serum that has quickly replaced my favourite hydra quench serum. I’m a huge fan.

Another skincare product that I picked up recently was the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist which I purchased from the lovely MakeupMonster as she didn’t get on with the mist herself. I have only used this a handful of times, so I don’t really have an opinion as such yet. I do love the packaging though.

When I went along to the Jo Malone Herb Garden launch at the end of February, I had to pick up one of the scents to try. I opted for the Carrot and Fennel Blossom which is beautifully sweet yet fresh. I went back to pick one up for my Mum for Mother’s Day, and remembered how much non-buyer’s remorse I was filled with last year when I didn’t purchase one from the Rock of Ages collection, so I also picked up my other favourite, Nasturtium and Clover. These two scents work beautifully together and the fact that they are limited edition makes them so special.

The final product I picked up recently was a MAC pro eye shadow pan for my pro palette in the shade Expensive Pink. I spent some time watching the various eye shadows in store and continually kept going back to this unwittingly. This shadow is a beautiful peachy gold duo chrome shade, that wears very close to a rose gold colour on my eye lids that really makes my blue eyes stand out.

What have you all bought recently?

Until next time, thanks for reading!!

Lynsey xox

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