ColourPop First Impressions



Hello lovelies!

I had been lusting over ColourPop products for quite some time since seeing their products pop up on so many YouTube channels. Unfortunately, ColourPop didn’t offer any shipping options to the UK, making it extremely difficult to get your hands on the much talked about products (thankfully that’s since changed and they ship internationally -yay!).

I have seen many YouTubers/Bloggers talk about mail forwarding services recently and after seeing the lovely Glitteralittle rave about GoSend a few months ago, I used her free three month trial voucher code and signed myself up.

ColourPop was one of the first brands that I just had to have something from. The brand burst onto the cosmetics scene via Instagram over two years ago and have went from strength to strength since then. The line is varied and very inexpensive. When I first signed up to the ColourPop mailing list, they kindly gave me a free $5 voucher equating to one free product essentially – yay!! (Prices have since went up since I made my order).

So what exactly did I pick up I hear you ask?

The Haul

  1. Ultra Matte Lip in Midi – a soft neutral beige matte liquid lipstick.
  1. Lippie Stix in Frida – a warm mid toned nude pink with a satin finish.


  1. Eye Shadow in Smash – a neutral medium warm beige with a soft golden satin finish.
  2. Eye Shadow in On the Rocks – a vibrant true bronze with gold and violet glitter and metallic finish


  1. Blush in Between the Sheets – a mid tone beige pink with a matte finish.


The Swatches

Colorpop Swatches

My First Impressions

The texture of the blush and eye shadows are so unique. They feel almost like a damp spongey texture with an amazing creamy consistency. The pigmentation is incredible, one swipe is all you need and the lasting power is super impressive. They blend like a dream and the finish looks amazing on the lids/cheeks.

The formula of the liquid lipstick is also very impressive. It dries ultra matte and I didn’t find it too uncomfortable on my lips like many matte lipsticks can make me feel. The formula is relatively transfer resistant and lasts for a good 4-5 hours on me before it needs a touching up. I found that this can be easily touched up without clinging issues that so many other liquid lipsticks can cause. When the lipstick is wearing off, it seems to do so relatively evenly, leaving only my inner lip the most faded. My only comment on the liquid lipstick is that it can get quite runny, which has helped me ruin a lovely pair of white jeans – be warned!

The Lippie Stix have an incredibly soft texture, and while it isn’t obviously as long wearing as the liquid lipstick, it still has good durability on my lips. The pigmentation is just as impressive and the shade range is vast. I’ll definitely be picking up some more in the future.

Have you all tried ColourPop yet? What are your recommendations?

Lynsey xox



4 responses to “ColourPop First Impressions”

  1. definitely need to try these now they ship to the UK!


    1. You really should! The quality is great for the price point! And the choice is outstanding! Xx


  2. How haven’t I come across Smash before?! Such a gorgeous shade – I’ll be sure to add it to my next order 🙂 On the Rocks is one of my favourites!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


    1. I always end up so overwhelmed looking at the various shades on the site!! Smash is such a wearable everyday shade though! xx


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