Highlighter Edit Part 2 – Drugstore Gems

Hello lovelies!!

A little while back I published my high-end highlighter edit here and promised it would be followed up with a drugstore/affordable counterpart.

The drugstore market have really upped their game on the highlight front in the last year with some super affordable options hitting the market that give the high-end products a serious run for their money. Below is a list of my favourites so far.

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette


It simply wouldn’t be a drugstore highlight post without giving a Sleek palette a mention. These palettes have hit cult status this year and for good reason.

Each palette comes in a slick gold package including a decent mirror with four varying highlighting shades. It also contains a brush, but I don’t have anything positive to say about that fact, so I’m ignoring it for now.


This particular palette is more cool toned. It contains three powder shades and one cream. I’m not going to go into much depth on shades etc. as I think this could deserve it’s own dedicated blog post in the coming weeks, but in a nutshell the palette contains a mix from nude gold to bright lilac shades which cover all bases in my opinion.


I definitely intend to stock up on the other variations of the palette in future.

Wet n Wild Megaglow Highlighting Powder


Another, recent discovery has been the Wet n Wild Precious Petals Highlighting Powder. I picked this up using the GoSend shipping service before Christmas as it isn’t super accessible in the UK. However, if you have this readily available – I highly recommend. For only $3.99, this powder really gives the likes of Becca Champagne Pop/Opal a run for their money in terms of pigment and wow factor. The precious petals shade is a pink toned champagne and really offers an impact.


ColourPop Highlighter


Another not so easy to get, but worth the hassle product is the ColourPop range of highlighters. I have the shade Butterfly Beach which is a warm peach highlight with a hint of silver and it looks beautiful with a tan. The formulation is the same wet, cream like mousse texture as the eyeshadow and blush products, so I find this works best using my finger tips. For $8 it’s a steal and not to be sniffed at.


MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter


For me, this is the star of the line up. At just £3 a pop, it’s an absolute steal and the pigmentation goes way beyond it’s super affordable price tag. This is a really lightweight powder with a pale pink sheen and when applied to the cheekbones, shows as a really natural pearlised highlight. For a super dramatic look, I have used this with a damp brush by spritzing a few sprays of MAC Fix+ which gives a real “wet” dramatic look.


I Heart Makeup Goddess of Love Highlighter


Two things must be highlighted, pardon the pun, immediately:

  1. The price tag is £4.99!! Bargain!
  2. That packaging! Swoon. I love the heart shaped box, so cute.


This highlighter is  a really pale gold with an almost  pink hue which works well on me when my skin is at it’s palest, even though it’s photographing quite intense.The texture is buttery smooth and a little really does go a long way. This highlighter deserves a lot more hype in my humble opinion and I will definitely be adding to the collection.


What are your favourite drugstore highlighters? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Lynsey xox

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