New Discovery: Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream*

There has been a lot of hype about this particular product over the last few years. It has been endorsed by celebrities and influencers high and low for it’s multi purpose uses and amazing results. I had been meaning to try it for some time but had just never got around to it. But if a product is good enough for Kate Hudson, Rhianna and Lauren Conrad, it’s good enough for me!

Egyptian Magic is an all-natural, multi use product that really can be used pretty much anywhere on the body. Perfect to bring on holiday to save space in the suitcase or to keep on your bedside table to add to your night routine!

The formulation of the balm is based on one which was created thousands of years ago in the lands of the Pharaohs! Packed with just six natural ingredients including olive oil, beeswax, royal jelly, bee pollen, honey and bee propolis, the cream is free from additives, preservatives, parabens, fragrances and chemicals. The product has never been tested on animals either – bonus points!

The cream is an emollient style balm in the pot that melts down to an easy to spread oil when warmed up between the fingers.

So how have I been using this magical little pot?

In My Hair

My hair has been quite dry recently and my scalp has been driving me nuts with psoriasis. I have been using a little of the Egyptian Magic to hydrate both my hair and my scalp and the results are great. My hair feels stronger and more conditioned and my scalp is definitely nowhere near as dry as it was before I started massaging a little into my scalp before bed. I have also tried using a tiny amount on the ends of my hair to disguise those pesky split ends!

On My Face

Egyptian Magic is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used as a primer, mask or moisturiser. I tend to apply a layer in the evening after removing make up to lock in some serious moisture. When I wake up my skin feels silky smooth and super hydrated. I also use a little as a lip balm at night. I have tried using a tiny amount as a make up primer to give a subtle glowy base!

On My Cuticles

I am so bad at remembering to put cuticle oil on at night and because this little pot has been living on my night stand recently, I’ve been reaching for it at night to massage a tiny amount into my cuticles to keep my manicure looking fresh and to inject some moisture.

On My Body

With the stress of my dad being ill, I’ve found that my psoriasis have been much worse recently. I find the healing properties within this balm to be super soothing when my skin is itchy and irritated by the condition. My skin feels smooth and moisturised after use!

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, this miracle balm can also be used as a highlighter, aftershave balm, treatment for cuts and scrapes, treatment for cracked heels, after sun balm and on bug bites to stop the itching! It will absolutely be in my suitcase on our next holiday!

Priced at £29 per pot, you can pick Egyptian Magic up at Boots stores nationwide or from ASOS.

Have you tried Egyptian Magic before? What are your tips for using it?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

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