Skincare Sunday: Inner Senses Reset Facial Elixir Review

Organic beauty and wellbeing brand, Inner Senses recently added some new facial oils to their line including this Reset Facial Elixir* which is targeted at stressed, unbalanced and lacklustre skin. 

I had not tried anything from the brand before and after a little research I was pleasantly surprised to find how established the brand is with over 20 years experience.

I have tested this product for a few months in my routine and i’m ready to share my thoughts!

When I received this product, I was in the midst of a family bereavement and my skin really showed the signs of the stress looking dull and a bit grey.

This facial elixir claims to sooth, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin whilst reducing the signs of ageing – so it couldn’t have landed on my doorstep at a better time.

The packaging is simple and chic. The Elixir is housed in a black glass bottle with a pipette dispenser. The black glass helps protect the product from light damage so it looks good and is functional at the same time whilst the pipettes helps give control to the amount of product used and avoids wastage.

The ingredient list is, as expected, natural, free from parabens and full of anti oxidants such as prickly pear, moringa seed oils and strawberry. The elixir helps to increase the skin’s resistance to physiological and environmental stress, perfect for this time of year and for those, like me, who sit in front of phones and computers all day.

I really the texture of the product, it felt rich and luxurious to apply to the skin and sank in really well, avoiding that sticky, greasy residue that other oils can leave behind. Because of this, I found myself using this primarily in my evening skincare routine where I could let the oil really penetrate the deeper layers of my skin whilst I slept. If I used it during the day, I tended to mix it into my moisturiser for an added kick.

After use my skin felt firm, smooth and hydrated. This natural elixir doesn’t irritate my skin at all and seems to really drink its goodness up. The dullness in my complexion seemed to lift and my healthy glow returned making me look 110% more respectable.

At £52.00 for 30ml, it’s not a cheap choice in terms of skincare but you only need a few drops for the entire face so it will last you for quite some time. 

Have you tried anything from this brand before? What are your favourite products?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey did

*post contains PR Samples. All opinions are, as always, my own.

2 responses to “Skincare Sunday: Inner Senses Reset Facial Elixir Review”

  1. This sounds absolutely beautiful! I haven’t heard of this brand before xx



  2. Ooh it sounds like a really lovely oil, and so luxurious too xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️


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