Skincare Sunday: Ingredient Focus – It’s all Rosy (featuring Pixi, Peter Thomas Roth, Omorovicza and Sisley)

Rose skincare has become a real ‘thing’ recently. Brands such as Pixi have entire skincare lines dedicated to the hero ingredient and I’ve found myself adding more and more rose based products to my skincare rotation over the past year. The scent alone has me hooked but there is a lot more to rose as an ingredient than you may initially realise. 

Rose oil extract is extracted from rose petals and is well known for its soothing properties along with it’s ability to rebalance the skin and counteract redness. Rose oil is renowned for its anti-inflammatory benefits and is used in skincare routines to calm and tackle irritated skin. 

Rose can also come in the form of rosewater when it comes to skincare ingredients and possesses very similar properties to rose oil. It is also celebrated for its ability to refresh and revitalise the skin whilst also being a natural astringent which helps tone the skin as well as reducing the appearance of pores. 

Pixi sent me the most generous PR package a little while back that contained their entire rose infused skin treats line – I genuinely screamed with excitement when I received the package! I’m still trying out the various products but I had already incorporated their Rose Tonic* into my skincare routine last year. The tonic is infused with rose flower extract and is naturally soothing and rich in nutrients. Just one swipe of this beautifully scented toner after cleansing really helps minimise any redness in the skin whilst also hydrating and refreshing.

Another product that I absolutely fell head over heels for when I tried it is their Rose Caviar Essence* – a weightless essence meets serum, containing concentrated flower oils, that sinks into the skin like a dream! It nourishes and hyrdrates whilst brightening and adds radiance to the skin. 

Prior to the influx of rose centred Pixi products I had already been using rose ingredients in my skincare routine for a long time including both the Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask and Precious Face Oil. Now I know that Sisley skincare is seriously pricey but the products seriously deliver. The mask is seriously luxe which offers the skin “instant youth” and immediately plumps, hydrates and smooths the skin. The oil is also a dream to use which is designed for dry or mature skin (my skin is dry NOT MATURE before anybody says a word…). A few drops before bed really enhances my radiance the next day and my skin is baby soft afterward. Seriously spendy but a beautiful at home facial experience.

Another rose centred product that I have really loved for years and reach for often is this Rose Stem Cell Biorepair Mask from Peter Thomas Roth. This mask is packed full of rose stem cell which helps repair the skin and deliver seriously anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. The mask is a wonderfully cooling and soothing gel formula that just feels like heaven on the skin. After use my skin feels plump, hydrated and calm and continued use helps improve the strength of the skin’s matrix. This mask often comes away on holiday with me because it is so soothing and cooling – perfect for those days when you’ve been a little reckless in the sun!! Disclaimer- DON’T DO THAT. IT’S VERY BAD FOR YOUR SKIN!! 

The final and perhaps most recent addition to my rose centred skincare product collection that I am really enjoying is the cult Omorovicza Queen of Hungary face mist. A 14th century beauty recipe, revived by Omorovicza, this mist is renowned for its revitalising and rejuvenating properties. It is infused with rose water and is so lovely to use that you want to drench your face in it all the time!  Scented with rose and neroli it smells beautiful and a quick spritz in the afternoon not only refreshes your skin but also your make up!

Do you use rose products in your skincare routine? What are your favourites?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

* products marked with * are gifted products. All opinions are 100% my own

6 responses to “Skincare Sunday: Ingredient Focus – It’s all Rosy (featuring Pixi, Peter Thomas Roth, Omorovicza and Sisley)”

  1. Beautiful products! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I really need some Sisley in my life – the products sound amazing! I love the Pixi rose products and the Q of H Mist! xx


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    1. You would love their products for sure!! The counters are really great for letting you try samples first! Xx


  3. jasminestewart3382 Avatar

    I love rose in skincare – so hydrating! The Pixi Rose Tonic is a favourite of mine 🙂

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

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    1. I love it too! I use it most mornings now xx


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