Luxury Lust List

Hello lovelies!

I do love a good wish list. In fact, I do love a good list full stop. I actually have a folder saved to my desktop simply called “lists” and I’m known to legitimately use the phrase “it didn’t make it on to my list” in work to my boss when I’ve forgotten to do something…

Today I’m sharing one of my favourite (if slightly unattainable) lists with you all.


Absolutely top of my luxury wish list, every single time, is the Chanel classic flap. Every designer loving fiend wants one of these right? Sweet baby Jesus, if I could get my hands on one without having to forgo food, shelter and electric for the year, I’d totally do it. I’ve a money box at home for my “handbag fund”, all of your £2 coin donations are most welcome….

Sticking with Chanel, I also have my eyes on a pair of their simple ballet pumps. These are significantly more attainable (yes I know they’re still very expensive, but it’s a do-able splurge isn’t it?). They’re classic, timeless and go with anything. Everything that typifies the Chanel brand.

Also, I’m pretty desperate to treat my little tootsies to a pair of the Valentino Rockstuds. When I first saw these shoes, I was pretty nonplussed. However, they’ve been steady growers in my mind, and each time I see an Instagram of them, I fall a little deeper in love.

I splashed out on a beautiful Burberry trench last year (I highly recommend, they’re beautiful). Ever since I picked it up, I’ve been loving the idea of picking up on of the classic Burberry print scarves to go with. I mostly blame the Sales Assistant for this one as she kept dressing my trench in one, showing me all the different looks I could create, and in turn, she’s created a monster.

The final item on the lux wishlist is another classic in the form of this beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. Everybody knows the wrap dress is ridiculously flattering and I am in love with this version with the cute little collar and gorgeous print.

What is on your luxury lust lists?

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

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