Skincare Sunday: Sephora Lotus Sleeping Mask

Hello lovelies!!

Apologies, it has been a bit quiet on the blog for the last week. I have been exhausted and left with very little time to think! But I’m back and I’ve got some nice posts coming in the next few weeks for you all.

With that, we’re back to Skincare Sunday and my skin has been struggling with the exhaustion, so I have been looking for products that really treat the skin whilst I’m getting some shut eye.


Enter the Sephora Lotus Sleeping Mask. I picked a few of these masks up to try whilst I was in the States last year at a bargain price of $6 each. Sephora describes the line, that consists of eight masks, as a “line of rich gel-cream textured sleeping masks, each with a refreshing skin benefit”. I picked up both the Lotus mask and the Rose mask, but have only tried the former thus far.

The lotus mask claims to be moisturising and soothing by locking in water with the benefits of reducing the signs of fatigue, giving plumper more rested skin. Sounded perfect to me, given the fact that I’ve been so exhausted and my skin was beginning to suffer for it.

The mask itself is a thick bright pink gel that you apply over a clean, dry face and neck. It is also mild enough to be used around the eye contours. You get enough product inside the little pod to last for approximately 4-5 uses.


I tried this mask for a few consecutive nights and I am disappointed to say that I’m not sold. The gel left a somewhat sticky feeling on my skin which I am not a fan of and I didn’t feel that it gave me the moisture injection that I had expected it to. I didn’t see a big difference in my skin with regards to plumpness etc. and I did notice some strange texture changes around my jawline after using it. Perhaps my skin just simply didn’t agree with this product, but I wouldn’t repurchase. I still have the Rose version of the mask in my cabinet, and I won’t write it off. I’ll give it a go and if I experience the same problems, I guess I’ll have to admit defeat on the line.

Have you tried these masks before? What did you think?

Lynsey xox



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