Bath & Body Works Wish List

Bath and Body Works Wish List

Hello everyone! Another Sunday means yet another instalment of my holiday wish lists. This week it’s the famous Bath and Body Works….

Hand Sanitisers Pocketbac
These are probably what B&BW is most famous for and I intend to stock up for the next year at least on these scented gels. B&BW are great for multi-buy deals and you can pick up 5 of these little guys for $6. The scents are amazing and they are nowhere near as drying as some sanitisers can be. The Winter fragrances should be available by the time I am in the States, so I intend on getting some festive scents for the holiday season.

B&BW’s selection of candles is fantastic. They do a great mix and match deal where you can get 3 mini candles for $12 which are a great size for my bathroom. I haven’t picked out which scents I want to pick up yet as I want to smell them in store first but I remember falling in love with the Leaves scent the last time I was in the States which is a beautiful autumnal fragrance. I am wary that my suitcase may be excessively heavy on my return, so I will try to limit myself to only 3 of the mini candles, wish me luck on that one…

Staying with the home scent theme, I also have my eyes on one of B&BW’s wallflowers. These are essentially plug in fragrances but there is a huge amount of refills available and the refills are scents that are so different to anything that can be picked up in the local supermarket. I’ll most likely pick up few festive scents for the holidays.

Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
I am a huge Christmas freak as you will all learn soon enough. When browsing the B&BW site, I spotted that the winter scent preview is now online. I was immediately drawn to Fresh Sparkling Snow, not only for the festive packaging, but for the description of the scent which is hailed as “the crisp scent of icy pear and melon frosted with winter musk”. I really look forward to having this in my bathroom over the holidays, preferably in the pretty snowflake sleeve.

Shea Cashmere Hand Cream
The last time I was in the States, I bought this hand cream and looooved it! The scent is absolutely divine and the super moisturising hand cream absorbs wonderfully into the skin. Every time I used this, people would comment on the scent as it was so strong. I need to restock.

Various Bath and Body Products
I’m keenly aware that (a) my case is going to be ridiculously overweight on the way back to the UK and (b) that Christmas isn’t too far away (sorry for so many Christmas references before Halloween, but I can’t help myself). This means I am really going to try hard and limit myself to just a few general bath and body products as I know I will be well stocked after Christmas. B&BW do a great 3 for $12 deal on travel size products which  is a great way to try out some new scents so I will try and pick out a few shower gels, lotions and fragrance mists to keep me going.

What are all of your top Bath and Body works products? I’d love to hear about your favourite scents too!

Until next time…

Lynsey xox

4 responses to “Bath & Body Works Wish List”

  1. I’ve never tried any B&BW products. But your wishlist is a good selection of products to choose from. I’d gladly try their scented candles too 🙂


    1. Thank you!! 🙂 Their scented candles are a must if you are in a store! The scents are divine! xx


  2. your wishlist is good selection of products


    1. Thank you! 🙂 I will be needing a second suitcase on the way home! xx


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