Skincare Sunday: Emma Hardie Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm is an absolute cult beauty product. I don’t know anybody who has tried it and not loved it, I’m certain that you will find a pot of this cult balm in every skincare guru’s bathroom cabinet. I myself am a huge fan of her skincare products, and find that anything that i’ve tried in the past has truly worked and delivered what it promised.

So, when I was offered the chance to try out the newest launch from the brand, I jumped at the chance.

Is it going to be another cult product?


Seoulista Beauty: Rosy Hands and Rosy Toes Review

It’s certainly no secret that I love a good sheet mask. My drawer at home is overflowing with them and I can’t seem to stop picking them up. A while back I was very kindly sent some sheet masks from Seoulista Beauty which I reviewed here for any of you that missed it and I really enjoyed them so when I seen that they had released foot and hand masks, I was excited to try them out.

I am not the best at looking after my hands and feet, I will admit it. Asides from my monthly manicure with Sinead at Pretty Polished, I don’t do much else which means my hands can start to look a bit neglected. My feet are an entirely different story as I’m actually quite scared of feet (they’re just hands gone wrong) so I tend not to look at mine never mind pamper them. This means they get very dry and sad looking – not a good look for Spring-Summer when the opened toe shoes come back out.


Review: BareMinerals BarePro Foundation

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I was recently fortunate enough to have been invited along to a BareMinerals masterclass at Debenhams, Castlecourt.

The evening was so lovely with the wonderful team from the counter looking after us by plying us with plenty of prosecco,  delicious cupcakes and yummy chocolates! The brand’s lovely representative Kerri, showcased a masterclass using many of the brand’s cult products. I particularly liked the fact that it was a really interactive demo and Kerri and the staff were excellent at answering any questions we had about the products. To be honest, I had never tried anything from BareMinerals even though I had coveted their products at the counter a tonne of times so I really enjoyed learning all about the brand and its ethos.

At the end of the evening we were very kindly provided with an extremely generous goodie bag and were told that we would be colour matched in order for us to try out the BarePro foundations for ourselves! I was SO excited!

Bridgin from the counter expertly matched me to the shade Sandalwood (which would be my ‘tan’ shade) and when it arrived in the post a few weeks later, I couldn’t hold my horses and had it on my face almost immediately!


Palmers Coconut Firming Range Review

I’ve recently joined the gym. I haven’t exercised in longer than I care to admit and even walking up a few flights of stairs was becoming a bit too laboured for my liking.

Summer is the perfect time to introduce healthy changes to your lifestyle in my opinion. It’s just so much easier in the bright evenings to lift yourself off the sofa (and away from the biscuit tin) and go to the gym.

That being said, I’m far from at the point where I’m feeling toned and firm so a little extra help on that front is never going to be sniffed at by me! Enter Palmers new firming range!

Palmers are renowned for their cocoa butter formulations. I always have a bottle to hand on holiday as (a) it smells divine and (b) it injects more moisture into my skin than any other product and in turn prolongs my tan.

I particularly like that the range is natural and completely free from harsh chemicals, parabens and sulfates.


My Quest for ‘Good Hair Days’: New Additions to my Haircare Routine

My hair is a nightmare. It never does what it’s meant to. When I want it straight, it goes curly. When I want it curly, it stays straight. To add insult to injury, It is dry, damaged, limp and fine.

All of the above puts me off spending a lot of time on my hair routine. Lately I have found myself scraping it back into a ponytail most days which gets boring, quickly. I had to make some changes and that’s when I started to discover some of these fab new products that I just had to share with you all.


Skincare Sunday- Ophrys Skincare Line

I’m a skincare junkie. There’s no denying it. And if there is a cure, I actually don’t want it.

Trying out new skincare products and lines is one of my absolute favourite things to do. That joy of discovering a new hero product is so exciting to me. So when the lovely guys at Ophrys contacted me and asked me to try out their new line, I couldn’t say no.

The brand is a dermal skincare company based in Switzerland and the products are all very sciencey utilising the brand’s patented hydration technology, Mini Hax!

So what does that mean?

In a nutshell the products use that gem of an ingredient, hyaluronic acid, except this one is a low molecular hyaluronic acid. Put simply, the low molecular formula penetrates way deeper into the skin’s layers and than a standard hyaluronic acid which means much deeper hydration!

I met with the lovely Adam from the brand a while back and I have to be honest, he was beyond generous when he gave me the samples to try out. I have put them properly through their paces now so I’m ready to share my thoughts! (more…)