Skincare Sunday- Ophrys Skincare Line

I’m a skincare junkie. There’s no denying it. And if there is a cure, I actually don’t want it.

Trying out new skincare products and lines is one of my absolute favourite things to do. That joy of discovering a new hero product is so exciting to me. So when the lovely guys at Ophrys contacted me and asked me to try out their new line, I couldn’t say no.

The brand is a dermal skincare company based in Switzerland and the products are all very sciencey utilising the brand’s patented hydration technology, Mini Hax!

So what does that mean?

In a nutshell the products use that gem of an ingredient, hyaluronic acid, except this one is a low molecular hyaluronic acid. Put simply, the low molecular formula penetrates way deeper into the skin’s layers and than a standard hyaluronic acid which means much deeper hydration!

I met with the lovely Adam from the brand a while back and I have to be honest, he was beyond generous when he gave me the samples to try out. I have put them properly through their paces now so I’m ready to share my thoughts! (more…)

Tarte Shape Tape- Worth The Hype?

Perhaps the most hyped concealer of the decade, Tarte’s Shape Tape had been popping up everywhere in the past year. I tried to get it when it first came out but it was seemingly always sold out for the first few months. I held off and I held off. Then, on Boxing Day last year, an email from Tarte popped up in my inbox offering free international delivery and a 20% off sale. It was time, I couldn’t resist.

So is it worth all of the hype? Is it really as amazing as seemingly everybody claimed?


Latest In Beauty: Monthly Subscription Box

I will admit it- I have never once tried a beauty subscription box. I have looked into many and completed plenty of research but the element of surprise and potentially getting a load of products I had little to no interest in each month put me off.

Also, some of the subscription boxes can be seriously spendy so I simply didn’t bother. Then the wonderful gals at Latest In Beauty gave me the chance to build my own one off box to try it out, it would have been rude of me to turn it down!

So what is Latest In Beauty and how does it work?


Review: Bilou Products

Want to smell like Cotton Candy or perhaps a Tasty Doughnut? Well thanks to German YouTuber Bibi from Bibi’s Beauty Place, and her hit new bodycare brand, you can!

German brand, Bilou is well known for its unique scents and formulations and has recently arrived in the UK, exclusive to Superdrug. The range houses a total of nine different products in five delicious scents such as Cotton Candy, Fizzy Berry, Tasty Doughnut, Coco Cocktail or Pink Melon.

I was recently sent some products from the range to try out for myself and I’m ready to share my thoughts!


Moonlight: The Latest Scent from Ariana Grande

I am fussy with fragrances. I tend to stick with my trusty Jo Malone scents or my signature Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. But let’s face it, those scent choices are far from cheap and wearing them every single day can get expensive and quickly. So for that reason, I had been on the lookout for some new daily fragrances that weren’t going to run the risk of bankrupting me. So when I was kindly offered the chance to try out this new fragrance, I thought the timing was perfect!

Honestly, celebrity fragrances haven’t appealed to me in the past. Perhaps I’m a perfume snob? But when I have been browsing in Superdrug and Boots recently, I have been making a point of lifting various fragrances and giving them a whiff, trying not to judge them on the celebrity status.


Sleek- A Full Face of First Impressions

I have been having a bit of a Sleek ‘moment’ recently. I had wanted to feature a few more affordable make up products on the blog (since I’m a poor student again…) and Sleek are the perfect candidates for that! All of their products are super affordable and many of the products I had tried in the past were comparable to my high end products.

So did this latest batch live up to my expectations?


I have tested out a pea sized amount of the Sleek Mattifying Primer to my t-zone area where I would get the most shine throughout the day. The primer really smooths my skin in preparation for base and definitely helps keep shine at bay. Perfect for your holiday make up bag!

I have been suffering from a little redness around my nose area recently, so I thought it would be a good time to try out the Sleek Colour Correcting palette. I used a little of the green shade around this area to help disguise the redness before applying my base and I definitely think it made a difference! I’m going to experiment with the other correcting shades now!

Whilst I have both the Vitality and Life Proof Foundations, I tend to opt for the fuller coverage of the two and go with the Life Proof Foundation. Medium to full coverage, buildable and a nice radiant finish. This foundation blends well and lasts throughout the day (though I do need to powder mid afternoon). Hands up if you want a full review of both foundations?


When I first seen this blusher in Flamingo I did a double take. It was VERY bright. Like actual flamingo pink bright. I cautiously dipped my brush into the product and a lot came off onto my brush – so a word of warning: the blushes are highly pigmented and a light hand is needed. That being said, on application, the blush blends out easily and gives a lovely rosy pink flush.

Sleek are renowned for the highlighting palettes. Their Solstice palette has been a favourite of mine for some time as the pigment is fantastic quality and the price is amazing! The Cleopatra’s Kiss palette did not disappoint. I like to use a little of the golden cream highlight then layer that with a layer of one of the powder shades. The result is a blinding highlight that can probably be seen from space!


Sleek have always had really great reviews on their eye shadow palettes. I had tried a few in the past and I had always been impressed. For this post I was kindly sent one of the iDivine palettes in Modern Romance. The pigmentation of these palettes is amazing. The shadows are smooth and easy to work with and the staying power is fantastic. The Modern Romance palette has a beautiful mix of shades, on the more purple toned side of things and I have really enjoyed playing with this and using colours outside of my neutral comfort zone! The palettes are only £8.99 and I couldn’t recommend picking one up for yourself enough! Keep one in your drawer at work and you’re always ready to go!

To line the eyes I have tried out the Dip It Liquid Liner and let me tell you, it’s amazing. I didn’t think I could love any Liquid Liner as much as my KVD Tattoo Liner but this is comparable! It’s the blackest black shade, the tip is thin and sturdy making a precise line easy peasy and it DOESN’T BUDGE! Seriously I actually have trouble removing this at night! At £4.99, it’s a total bargain!

For brows I used one of Sleek’s Brow Kits. Each kit contains a handy wax, a powder, an angled brush for application and the cutest pair of tiny tweezers. Whilst I really like the concept, this product just didn’t work for me. The shade was too warm toned and I found the products more difficult to work with. That being said, I’m spoilt with my trust ABH Brow Wiz that makes brows a doddle. This sadly just wasn’t for me!


For lips I tried out some of Sleek’s cult Matte Me liquid lipsticks. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried these before! I love the shade Shabby Chic which is a stunning nude rosy pink. The formulation is creamy and easy to work with and the dry down isn’t too uncomfortable like other liquid lips can be. Wear time on me was around 4 hours which I think is reasonable. If you leave it much longer you get that strange wear off look that’s never good. Be warned!

So there you have it! A full face of Sleek and my first impressions! What do you like from Sleek? Would you like a full review on any of the products mentioned? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Lynsey xox

*This post contains gifted items. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, 100% my own*